Reading Could Save Your Life

I was reading (yes, reading) a magazine in the doctor’s office the other day and noticed an article about the benefits of being a reader.  Apparently, The Social Science and Medicine Journal has reported a study that showed reading can literally save your life.  They studied the reading habits of 3,635 older adults (50+), adjusted for general health, socio-economic factors, and education level and found that 3.5 hours of reading a week (that’s a mere 30 minutes a day) reduces mortality by more than 17%.  They study lasted over 12 years.  There appear to be cognitive benefits from reading beyond the benefits provided by the material you read.  Obviously reading heavier, more demanding material has different cognitive benefits than reading a beach novel or magazine article.  But all reading appears to boost brain cell connectivity.  And that increased connectivity appears to reduce mortality.

Now I have a new defense for my time spent reading!! pexels-photo-196649