In Search of Quality Feedback

Several of my schools have been working on a goal of providing quality feedback to students.  We’ve already started using a checklist and asking teachers to self-assess against the checklist.  Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.13.46 AM

Right now, one of my schools is moving to the next step.  Each of my colleagues has set a goal, based on their self-assessment using that checklist.  Then, we’ve worked together to identify three hallmarks of that goal.  We asked ourselves the question: Could it be XYZ if it didn’t have this?  Each teachers list of three hallmarks is different, personalized by them for them.

Now, the teachers are making a series of quick, informal videos of themselves giving feedback to students.  They are scoring these new videos against their three hallmarks.  We’re using a simple check, check, no-check, sort of a system.  Our principal is collecting data from each of us around how often we hit each of our hallmarks and how often we hit the 100% mark.