Digital Tools: Camera

I promised you the other super easy, super effective tools that Kristen Ziemke shared.  So, next up:  the camera on the ipad or laptop.

  1.  Take a selfie with your favorite book (and for bonus points, post it to Padlet!).  This creates a status of the class for the teacher, but it also creates a menu for the students of what they might read next.
  2. Video reflections:  Students make a quick video of their thinking or reflecting on what they’ve done for reading/writing work.  Essentially the video serves as an exit slip.
  3. Record partnership conversations.  You know how we send students off to work in partnerships and we wish that we could listen in?  Well, having students record their partnership work allows us to do just that.  And it lifts the level of the partnership work just by the presence of the recording device.