RTI: Fluency on a Shoestring

It seems funny for me to even have to write that title.  But you know how it is…. it doesn’t matter whether the school district is made up of rich folk or poor folk — funding for the school for “new” things is hard to come by.  And yes, I know that RTI should NOT be thought of as “new”.  Nor optional, nor frills — but still — funding is always hard to come by.

So — I was happy when I stumbled upon some very cheap and even FREE interventions that work beautifully in RTI Tier One — and some even in  Tier Two —

This fluency intervention is one of those happy finds.

Its called HELPS Evidence-Based Reading Fluency Program Package.   Yes, that’s a mouthful.  But, since poor reading fluency is a prime source of RTI referrals in most schools — a free fluency intervention is worth my while — even if the name is a bit unwieldy. You can go here http://www.helpsprogram.org to take a look at it.  It seems to have been developed at NCSU (that would be North Carolina State University)  by Dr. John Begeny.  Its targetted to work with an individual student (they’re working on group interventions, but not yet).

Program claims include needing only 10-12 minutes per day and working at all reading levels.  The package includes progress monitoring assessments and teacher guidance.  And the best part — FREE — you need to set up an account and then you can log into the system and access any and all of the materials.

Is anyone using this intervention?? Can you let us know how it really works??

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