Word of the Year: Still Going Strong..

I’ve been away from here a lot lately.  Truth be told, I’ve been away from most of my “regular life” a lot lately.  I have several huge life events in my “real life” this school year.  They have upset my apple cart and caused a major shift in “normal”.  And yet, my word for the year, Author, keeps going strong.

Author — as in, choose how you will write the story of whatever is happening.  Choose the tone, the words, the level of drama.  Choose the genre, cold clinical informational text, tragedy, or comedy.  Write the story of whatever is going on, don’t let it dictate itself to you — author it.

Little did I know when I chose that word, what the year would bring me.  I could never have imagined the challenges of framing the events in my life into the story I wanted it to be.  And I certainly never could have imagined the power of choosing to author the story in an active way.

And now, I bump into someone else who is experiencing the power of authoring.  I’ve never actually met Elena Aguilara.  She’s a literacy leader in California.  I work in Connecticut.  But I read her blog post this morning and she knocked my socks off.  She’s authoring her story, the story of her school year.  She’s choosing how she will reflect on the year that is just now closing.  And she’s telling the story of this year the way she wants to tell it.   That’s what authors do!


Hop on over to Elena’s blog and have a peek.  She’s worth the read, I promise you.  Especially, if like me, you need to do your end of year reflection for the evaluation process.  This will make it better.  Really.