Planning with Grade Levels

I’ve been doing some planning sessions with grade levels for next year. I asked each grade level to agree on one unit of study that they wanted to dig into and do some serious planning and working to prepare.
Secondly, we printed out our district’s units of study and any comparable units of study from TC. Last, I asked teachers to bring with them any favorite materials, books, charts and what-have-you that might go along with the work of that unit.
I’ve been meeting for a half a day with each grade level team (thanks to funding for subs) to do the heavy thinking and note taking. We’ve been using three documents to support our work and “hold” our thinking. The Unit Planning templateUnit Planning Template

, small group planning templates, and a one page calendar-as-a-list,

Calendar as a List

that lets us see the year and how it is unfolding.

Missing in Action?

Gosh, how did a whole month pass without posting anything on this blog?? Crazy busy working, that’s how.  We’ve been launching some brand new units, working with our consultant, and even hosting the district coaching institute while I’ve been MIA from here.

Its officially MAJUNE — that insane, incomprehensible time of year when time speeds up and slows down all at the same time (if you’re an elementary school teacher, that made perfect sense to you — if you’re not, see the word “incomprehensible” above)  In our school we call this MAJUNE — May and June smooshed together into one crazy long month.  Once May first hits, the roller coaster ride begins and the deadlines start coming fast and furious.

So, to entertain you until I get back (I’m really coming back, I promise — and I have some good stuff!)  Here’s the May Song from Camelot (it runs around in my head this time of year, so I thought I’d be contagious and plant it in your head too)