Skills for Writers

Yesterday, our staff had the luxury of working with consultant Cory Gillette.  We were doing some work around constructing our teaching in terms of skills accomplished by using strategies.  It sounds simple, but it takes some work!

Here are a few of the take-aways for our group:

  • a skill is something that you can use across genre or writing settings
  • a strategy is something that you can state succinctly in steps and provides a way of “doing” the skill
  • an activity is neither a skill nor a strategy!  It is something you do on that day, at that time.  It lacks the transferability of skills and strategies.

We brainstormed this list of skill areas for writing (by no means exhaustive nor exclusive — just a brain dump)

  • generating
  • revising
  • elaborating
  • organizing/structuring
  • editing
  • motivation — writing behaviors — stamina
  • drafting
  • audience — sense of purpose
  • crafting