New Year’s Resolutions: September Second Chances

One of the things I LOVE about working in schools is that there are TWO New Years.  That means two chances for a “do-over”.  As teachers, we start fresh every September with a new year.  And then when January rolls around, we take advantage of the “New Year” and take a second “do-over” to try to do things a little bit better.

So this year, I thought I’d share my New Year’s Resolutions — September Style.

First up:  My to-do list.  I have tried and tried to get my arms around this.  I keep telling myself that the reason I can’t is that my to-do list is actually W-A-Y too long — but I suspect that is little more than an excuse.  I’ve tried using the function on my Iphone — that was a disaster.  I’ve tried creating my own forms and lists — better, but still not what I want it to be.

So this year, I’m taking a lesson from Karen Szymusiak (who is much brainier than I am).  She shared this piece of brilliance at Choice Literacy in a collection of time-saving tips and I’m loving it.  Here’s my plan – I’m using a spiral notebook (steno pad style with the spiral at the top) and making my list even if it goes on forever.  Then I’m going to try the arrow post its that I use with my kiddos in Reading Workshops to identify the items I really must get done TODAY.  The arrows will move as things get done or new priorities crop up.  I (hopefully) won’t get overwhelmed with the arrows to focus my attention.  I might actually get more done.

Back To School: Labeling

Those of you who know me, know I label everything.  And I love cute and pretty labels.

So I am in love with these free printable labels from the Shy Socialite (love the name too).

How about these for book plates?

I don’t assign homework for my students and our school uses standardized school homework planners, but I’m thinking these might be great for lesson notes or monitoring notes to mom and dad. What do you think?

Homework labels

There’s a whole set of them — just download the zip file and enjoy them
Back to School Labels