More Classroom Design Stuff

Apparently the Debbie Diller book is hot, hot, hot.  We talked a little bit about it just before school ended, but it wasn’t quite out yet.  (I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive — I’ll let you know).  But for now, there is video feed on the Stenhouse website that you can watch.  She walks you through organization and room set up ideas.  The video is only about 3 minutes long — so its really just a teaser to get you to buy the book — but its fun for this time of the year when we’re all starting to dream and to make New Year’s resolutions (the kind that only teachers get to make!!)  See what you think of it — let me know.  Watch it here.

Summer Reading Incentive

Both TDBanknorth and Commerce Bank (actually a subsidiary of TDBanknorth) have a reward program for kids this summer.  When the child finishes reading 10 books, the parent and the child can go to the bank with the list of the books.  The bank will open a savings account for the child and deposit $10 in that account.  Its like getting paid to read.  No word yet on whether you can repeat the deal at both banks or not.  It may be possible, or it may be that because Commerce is a subsidiary of TDBanknorth its really all one program.

  Just download the form from Commerce Bank here.  Fill it out and take it to the bank.   Commerce Bank has branches in Rye, White Plains, and Port Chester. 

Or you can go to TDBanknorth and download their form here and take it to the bank.  TDBanknorth has branches in Stamford and in Darien. 

This is one of those deals that you can take advantage of for you own children and then look like a hero and recommend it to all of your incoming students.

Audio Books

Quite a number of us have been talking about ways in which to utilize audiobooks in the reading workshop and beyond.  As always, I’m keeping an eye out for freebies that might help us move toward the goal. 

I also think that we’ll be hard pressed to figure out how to use these wonders (beyond the basic kindergarten and grade one style of listening stations) until we are comfortable with audiobooks ourselves.  I mean, really — have you listened to an audiobook?  Do you know what its like?  Can you predict the problems, the pitfalls, or even the silly pleasures?  What are the advantages or disadvantages compared to regular printed books?  Will they work better for some kids are replacements or supplements?  We can’t hope to answer those questions until we’ve been consumers of audiobooks ourselves. 

So — ta da!!!  A free opportunity to try out an audiobook for yourself.  Simply Audiobooks offers a free download each month.  You will have to register and set up an account — but you can get a different free book each month. If you’re quick about it, the July download is “Children’s Story Hour.”  Have fun experimenting with audiobooks and be fresh and ready when the kids arrive.

School Supplies Sales Continue!

 Office Depot has some more great school supply deals this week

2-pocket plastic portfolios – $0.01 (Limit 10) (these are great for the Personal Reading folders in grades K-1)
Office Depot Notebook Filler paper, 150-ct – $0.15 (Limit 5)
Scholastic Crayons 16-ct – $0.25 (Limit 5) (this is a great price — but also check out Walmart for non-brand crayons for only $o.17 too  I don’t think Walmart has a limit)
1″ Vinyl Binder – $0.50 (Limit 5)
Sharp Scientific Calculator – FREE after mail-in rebate (Limit 1) (I love free!!)
Backpacks starting at $4.99 (for your own tykes, obviously!)

These deals are good through Saturday (July 26, 2008) but they are very likely to sell out quickly.  If you really, really want something– get there sooner rather than later.

Staples has more school supply sales through Wednesday (July 23, 2008) of this week. These aren’t as great as a few weeks ago, but if you’re going to be in the area of a Staples store, it might be worth checking out.

  • $0.05 – Staples cap erasers (Item 167601) – Limit 2 (they will double the limits if you show them your NEA card or even a paystub or a Staples Teacher Rewards card)
  • $0.05 – 2 pocket paper folders (Items 430421, 430579) – Limit 10
  • $0.05 – Staples 6″ plastic protractor – Limit 2
  • $0.25 – 1/2 and 1-inch simply plastic assorted binders – Limit 4 (I wasn’t happy with these last year.  They cracked and tore rather quickly.  But if you do like them — this is a great price)
  • $0.99 – Pentel RSVP Ballpoint pens, fine, assorted (Item 474028 ) – Limit 2
  • Free after rebate – Zebra Cadoozles 0.7 mm mechanical pencils – Limit 1 (these are cool looking — and you cannot beat FREE no matter how hard you try)

also, remember that you can price-match both stores’ deals at Wal-Mart, if that’s easier for you. Just bring the ad with you.

More Back to School Shopping!!

Well, not to be outdone by Staples, Office Depot is having quite the back to school sale this week.  There are all sorts of great deals to be had there.  You can go to Office Depot and browse the ads if you like. 

Some of the highlights: (with thanks to Denise Sawyer at the Centsible Sawyer)

:: Items You Can Score for $0.01

  • Office Depot Value Red Eraser Caps (12 pack) (Limit 5)
  • Office Depot Brand Semicircular 6″ Protractor (Limit 5)
  • Office Depot Brand 2 Pocket Paper Folder (Limit 20)
  • Office Depot Brand Acrylic Ruler (Limit 5)

:: FREE after Mail in Rebate

Tops Colored Junior Size Writing Pads 6 pk

:: Other HOT Deals

Westcott 5″ Kids Antimicrobial Scissors $1.99
PLUS get a FREE 12″ flexible ruler with the purchase of these scissors!

Office Depot Brand Glue Sticks (4 pk) $0.99 (limit 5)

Oxford Color-Coded 3″x5″ Index Cards $0.59

Vinyl Binders $0.99

Office Depot Brand Marble Composition Notebook $0.99

Tug 2-Hole Manual Pencil Sharpener $0.79

Paper Mate Assorted Color Highlighters 6-PK $0.99

Tug Backpack $4.99

Paper Mate Write Bros Ballpoint Stick Pens (10 pack) $0.99

**Also don’t forget – if you bring in an old ink cartridge most Office Depot’s will give you $3 off your purchase!!

Back to School Sales Have Started

Hopefully everyone saw the Staples sale this week!!  They are having a ONE CENT sale on everything from two pocket folders to little bottles of hand santitizer.  Also, the semi-clear binders are only $.25.  Not bad!!  You can check out the sale here

Also, for those of you who were envying the Word Study Notebooks at Jessica Meacham’s website, the small pocket charts are in at Target.  You’ll need one for every pair of students — and someone with a sewing machine and a grommet thinggee — the directions are on her website — which I cannot seem to get to right now — but I’ll get in later and give you a link to the directions themselves…….

Happy shopping!!!