Summer Reading Incentive

Both TDBanknorth and Commerce Bank (actually a subsidiary of TDBanknorth) have a reward program for kids this summer.  When the child finishes reading 10 books, the parent and the child can go to the bank with the list of the books.  The bank will open a savings account for the child and deposit $10 in that account.  Its like getting paid to read.  No word yet on whether you can repeat the deal at both banks or not.  It may be possible, or it may be that because Commerce is a subsidiary of TDBanknorth its really all one program.

  Just download the form from Commerce Bank here.  Fill it out and take it to the bank.   Commerce Bank has branches in Rye, White Plains, and Port Chester. 

Or you can go to TDBanknorth and download their form here and take it to the bank.  TDBanknorth has branches in Stamford and in Darien. 

This is one of those deals that you can take advantage of for you own children and then look like a hero and recommend it to all of your incoming students.