Phonological Awareness: Music Downloads

You all know that I love Between the Lions from PBS for building phonological awareness and early reading skills.  How great is this??? Between the Lions now has some free MP3 downloads that you can drop right onto your IPod or onto the school computer via ITunes (Itunes is already loaded in the applications on the school computers at our school).  This might make some really neat transition music in the Pre-K, K and First Grade classrooms for September.  It might make for some silly sing-a-longs for community  building.  Its just plain fun — and it builds phonological awareness at the same time.  How much better can it get???

Between the Lions website also has games that the students can be playing over the summer to ensure they continue their skills.  The site will also read stories via the computer.  The website if kid-friendly and loads of fun.  It can keep a kid occupied for quite some time during the summer months (hint, hint).

For those of you who are addicted to TiVo, Between the Lions is a television broadcast by PBS that is a part of their regular programming.  Try saving it for your little ones to watch later — or saving it for use in your classroom in the fall. Watch a video clip here and find out what all of the fun is about.   You can find the schedule here.